Group Visits

Throughout the apple season we often have school groups tour the orchard.  


During the apple season, we encourage groups to come and visit our orchard. You may bring your own  picnic at no extra cost to enjoy along the Swatara Creek or near the orchard.  

Groups are welcome to schedule to pick their own  apples, pumpkins, and gourds as part of a tour. These can be school groups, Mom's groups, scouts, church groups, etc. We charge $6 per student for approximately an hour tour. During a tour, students learn about different apple and pumpkin varieties and  how to pick and wash them. We also add a nature tour. Curious eyes may follow you as you pick your apples. Our  friendly beef cows love your attention. Stay back from the fence, as it is electric to keep the cows in!

Please contact us by telephone (cell 717.418.3480, cell 717.222.1399 or 717.865.3997) to schedule a group visit! "Pick  your own" will be available on Fridays,& Saturdays all day and Sunday (afternoons only), and by appointment on other  weekdays. Please call in advance to schedule your time.

Use of the grounds for professional photography is permitted by appointment (Pam-- 717-222-1399) for a small fee of $25.00. Fee is due when you arrive.


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