Pick Ur Own

Individuals, families, or groups may pick different varieties of apples as they ripen. The trees are semi-dwarf and easy to reach. You can pick a few or a lot, and pay by the pound ($1.50/lb)(no credit cards). We do not sell by the bushel. Please call for an appointment for Mon. to Thurs. or come out on Fri.(9am to 5 pm), or Sat.(9 am -5 pm) or Sun.(1pm-5pm).  (Unfortunately, due to a late freeze, there are no peaches available this year.)

Come out for this fun experience. Take lots of pictures.  But if you wish to set up a professional photography session (with your own photographer), please call for an appointment. We do charge a $25 fee for a session. 

 For your good health, we have a hand washing station behind the shed and in the port-a-potty at the barn. We will also have hand sanitizer available. A second payment box will be located by the shed to alleviate over crowding on the front porch.  Please make sure to stand back from other family groups. Trash baskets will be available for white slips and instruction papers. We also now accept Venmo. 

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